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The Succor sock represents our company and all of its core values in our bright and conversation starting design. The succor sock is about assistance and support with mental wellness and suicide prevention in times of distress. This is the sock to send to someone who needs a little reminder of how loved and valued they are or if you need some brightness to start your day.

If we dig a little deeper into the design of this sock we will see that the Succor sock is designed with bright waves of colour representing the ups and downs of life, and with a little support we can all ride the waves of life regardless of the size of the up or the crash as it comes down.

The colour designs on the life waves of this sock have a turquoise colour in the middle which represents communication and clarity. Having communication and clarity of how loved and valued you are, is foundation of mental wellness to keep the waves of life more balanced and a smoother ride. As life’s ups peak we have a more magenta colour at the top to represent through communication and clarity we can achieve universal harmony and emotional balance. This is also important for the long smooth ride of life. And at the lower section of our life waves we have yellow representing optimism and cheerfulness. These two qualities if practised daily while putting on these socks will setup your day from the ground up.

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